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Le Royal Monceau - Raffles Paris
Site www.raffles.com
Secteur Domaine du divertissement et des loisirs
Date de création 1887
Nombre d'employés moins de 1000 employés

Raffles has gone out of its way to give you the warmest welcome, the richest experiences and the fondest of memories. And today the legend continues all around the world. From the classic colonial splendour of Raffles Singapore where it all began to Dubai, Seychelles, Cambodia, Paris, Hainan, Makati, Makkah, Warsaw and soon to come Maldives, Shenzen and many more. The Raffles name is synonymous with luxury, glamour and extraordinary adventure. Each hotel is an oasis of calm and charm at the crossroads of a civilisation. Each is a carefully chosen destination in its own right. Each is uniquely, indefinably, sublimely Raffles.

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